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Hello all! This here is the FAQ page. I'll answer questions here that are either frequently asked, asked sometimes, or heck, not asked at all! If you have a question for this page just shoot me a PM. Hope to hear from you soon!

Q: Who can I give commands to?
A: Usually, the comic will specify who can be given commands at any given moment. However, if you're just joining us, or it's been a while and you've forgotten, the default is as follows- Digimon cannot be given commands. Perhaps it is their nature as data, or that they simply don't share the link to our world that the Digidestined do, or maybe the Command Prompt just doesn't direct its prompts at them. Either way, avoid wasting your time commanding the Digimon. The Digidestined, however, can receive commands, though it's generally a good idea to make sure the Command Prompt has given the A-OK to do so. Usually, they will have some screen time alone before becoming part of the group, but general rule of thumb is that any Digidestined in the Digital World can be given commands.

Q: What sort of commands are accepted?
A: Generally, the Command Prompt will give you an idea of what sort of commands I am lookog for. They usually follow a certain pattern (ex; >What will you do? or >How will you react?) but commands can vary so long as they follow the spirit of the prompt. A command will be ignored if any of the following are applicable - it does not relate to the prompt in any way, it is innapropriate, or it's outdated (on an old page or no longer able to be fulfilled). Generally, try to be appropriate with your commands. I'm more likely to pick ones that will advance the story in some way.

Q: Can I cameo?
A: Unfortunately, at the moment, no you may not. All of the Digidestined spots have been filled by characters belonging to some of my close friends. A non-speaking, background cameo in the real world is about the most I could do, and even then I could guarantee maybe one panel at the most of screentime. Really, it just wouldn't be worth it. As time goes on and the story develops, there may come a need for cameo roles, but if this occurs I will specifically state that I am looking for cameos. Until then, if that ever comes to pass, the answer to this question is still no.

Q: How do you make the comic?
A: I made a tutorial sort of thing on this, actually. You can find it here, on my Tumblr.

Q: Where do you get the Digimon sprites?
A: This one varies based on the 'mon. Some of them have sprites from Digimon Battle Spirit, some of them were edited by various spriters around the net, and some I had to edit or make myself. For the most part, if you can't find a specific Digimon, first search for sprites of it on DeviantART (a lot of Digimon spriters are on there) and if that fails, check this site. If what you're looking for isn't there, then I can't help you.

Q: Why did you pick [INSERT DIGIMON HERE] for [INSERT TAMER HERE]'s partner?
A: This one's got both meta and story reasons behind it, depending on the Digimon in question, so let's tackle it one at a time. SnowAgumon was, admittedly, chosen so I could have a Frigimon be one of the main characters' Digivolutions. Lopmon was added, admittedly before I knew who the other two Digidestined were, because I needed a Digimon for Koromon to fight and Digivolve against, and Lopmon had plenty of sprites to work with. The Tree- er, Tapirmon was originally going to be introduced as an enemy Digimon who made Bea homesick and start to wonder if people were worried about her back home. However, that ended up being too much like Digimon Corruption, so I scrapped the idea and had her become Gata's method of getting to the Digital World. Patamon was always my favorite Digimon growing up, so I decided to make him the partner of the Tamer of Legend - someone from the past - as a send-up to my own past.

Q: Why does Patamon talk all funny?
A: His data isn't functioning correctly. Check the Characters page.