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Character Bios

Name: Beatrice Panes
AKA?: Bea
Gender: Female
Digivice Color: Dark Purple & Lilac
Digimon Partner: SnowAgumon
Crest: Absolution
First Appearance: >Ordinary Birthday
Brief Bio: Bea is generally calm and casual, but not really used to sudden change. She can handle crazy due to being friends with Gata and SnowAgumon, but when things happen too fast she tends to be overwhelmed. Has some family issues due to her mom effectively ignoring her after her dad died from a heart attack, but tries not to let it affect her. While she often finds herself sympathizing with Lopmon, she's not above joining in with the antics of the others. Bea may not outwardly show it, but she is very concerned with the emotions of others, to the point that she often makes herself upset if she's made someone else upset.

Name: Gatamigo Pierre
AKA?: Gata
Gender: Male
Digivice Color: Green & Dark Green
Digimon Partner: Lopmon
Crest: Faith
First Appearance: >Ordinary Birthday
Brief Bio: Floofy haired and loving it, Gata is something of a ditz who tries not to take things too seriously. Nonetheless, he is strong-natured and caring, and has trouble turning away from someone in need, often going to unnecessary lengths to help them. Gata is something of an otaku, and he enjoys Power Rangers and Magical Girl anime, much to Lopmon's initial discomfort. He's very easygoing and doesn't find it hard to make friends at all, even with a former rival or enemy (provided they're not too evil).

Name: Joseph Aslash
AKA?: Joe, Pervy Gray Rabbit
Gender: Male
Digivice Color: Gray & Red
Digimon Partner: Tapirmon
Crest: Chastity
First Appearance: >Cross World
Brief Bio: A pervert at heart and something of a gentleman to women because of it, Joe's mannerisms could best be described as 'someone who weirds Bea and Gata out simultaneously'. Considering their personalities, this is an impressive feat in itself. Joe is a self-professed "friend to all ladies", whatever the heck that means. Joe sees women as something to respect and while he isn't as fond of men he does help them if they're his friend or the friend of a lady. He's also not entirely above peeking into the women's bath if the opportunity arises, much to Bea's dismay. He has the unique ability to completely and utterly screw with the Oracle, often leaving her flustered and at a loss for words.

Name: Rupphirya Suchi
AKA?: The Oracle, The Tamer of Legend, Rupph
Gender: Female
Digivice Color: Black & Blue
Digimon Partner: Patamon
Crest: Patience
First Appearance: The Story Begins; >...
Brief Bio: The Oracle of the Digital World is the prompt that takes and asks for commands from the readers. She can communicate with the Digidestined at will, but tends to avoid doing so unless it's necessary or she's enraged. Because she is the Oracle, she has knowledge of many things in the Digital World, but doesn't seem to enjoy speaking of the past much. She does not like Joe due to his tendency to call her a "Damsel in Distress", but otherwise she acts as a guiding force for the Digidestined, giving them advice and pointing them in the right direction.

As it turns out, she is actually the Tamer of Legend and the first Digidestined, Rupphirya Suchi. She made herself into a being of data in order to become the Oracle by making her very core her Digivice. Because of this, she has certain powers and capabilities that the other Digidestined lack.

Name: SnowAgumon
Gender: Male
Digivolution Line: Koromon, SnowAgumon, Frigimon, ???
Tamer: Beatrice Panes
First Appearance: >Return
Brief Bio: Hyper, happy, and borderline obsessed with cake, SnowAgumon does his best to be cheerful at all times and keep those around him cheerful as well. He is rather silly and enjoys playing around, but when it comes down to it he's dependable and a talented fighter, capable of taking on Digimon above his own level- possibly due to the strength of his and Bea's bond. He sees himself as a brother figure to Bea.

Name: Lopmon
Gender: Male
Digivolution Line: Kokomon, Lopmon, Rabbitmon, ???
Tamer: Gatamigo Pierre
First Appearance: >Sudden Surprise
Brief Bio: Calm, rational, and friendly, Lopmon is smart, insightful, and knows a lot about the workings of the Digital World. This puts him in something of a Mr. Exposition role- he often has to explain things to the Digidestined. He is also something of an only sane man, who is often annoyed by the antics of his traveling partners. He sees himself as a father-esque figure to the Digidestined, and he's dating Tapirmon. He also seems eager to make up for the required act of breaking SnowAgumon's cake and subsequently bringing Bea and SnowAgumon to the Digital World.

Name: Tapirmon "The Tree"
Gender: Female
Digivolution Line: Upamon, Tapirmon, Boarmon, ???
Tamer: Joseph Aslash
First Appearance: >Spirit In The Wind
Brief Bio: The Tree is, well, a tree, and acts as most trees do- silly, out of touch, and loose-lipped. It's not that the Tree can't lie, she's just... really bad at it. While sometimes clueless, she does seem to know a lot about the Digivices and how their systems work. The Tree is always doing her best to help people and be accommodating, but even she is a bit weirded out by Joe's behavior. She thinks of the Digidestined like they're her older siblings, and she looks up to them and her boyfriend, Lopmon, as cool and mature, and she wants to be like them someday. Tapirmon is also not happy with everyone constantly referring to her as a Tree, since she feels like it means she can't be herself, and is thus grateful for Joe and Lopmon's company, since they seem to be the only ones who can tell she's not actually a tree.

Name: Patamon
Gender: Male
Digivolution Line: Tokomon, Patamon, ???
Tamer: Rupphirya Suchi
First Appearance: >Centered
Brief Bio: Not much is known about Patamon at this time, other than that he is strong enough to defeat Champion-level Digimon with ease. He is also working with the Command Prompt - his Digidestined - to try and save the Digital World. Now that his data has been stabilized and fixed properly, he can speak again, and so it's likely that we'll learn more about what he's like and what he's capable of as time goes on.